Heart Walk Day

Tomorrow is the Kansas City Heart and Stroke Walk and 5K Run.  This year, the American Heart Association asks you what is your why?  Why do you care about your heart health? I started to type out why I walk tomorrow but it is a long list and I thought  this better: I could think… Continue reading Heart Walk Day

You May Not Need to See Me, But I Need to See You.

I read a blog article tweeted by Carolyn Thomas at Heart Sisters the other day.  It hit very close to home and close to some recent conversation with another heart sister Teri. (See Teri's story).  It was written by Brian Loew, the CEO of Inspire and is titled What Do You Wish Your Doctor Knew?.… Continue reading You May Not Need to See Me, But I Need to See You.

The Results

After an excruciating weekend waiting for test results and envisioning a multitude of really bad outcomes, I received my test results on Monday.  They were fine--no further damage and no open heart surgery.  What a relief!  Of course, when they called with good results, it did not mean that I could reverse my decision to… Continue reading The Results

My Decision to Leave

I have been wrestling with a major life changing decision. I have known for many months that my occupation (running an anesthesia billing office) is more stress than I should put on my post heart attack heart.  The evidence has been building.  Increased chest pain, increased indigestion and crushing fatigue. Even as these symptoms were… Continue reading My Decision to Leave

I AM Strong Enough to Live It

This was a popular one from 09/13/2013 Someone posted this picture to Facebook last night and now I can't even remember who.  I suppose that is the cholesterol drug side effect of not being able to remember.  At least I blame my forgetfulness on that because it is convenient to do so! Really, being 44,… Continue reading I AM Strong Enough to Live It