Godspeed Sweet Sadie

've been sitting on this blog for a week not entirely sure how to write it.  You see, last week we lost one of our heart sisters.  Sweet Sadie passed away after too much rejection and failure of her donor heart.

My Domestically Challenged Life

I'm still not completely plant based -- some days I struggle.  Like yesterday I ate a frozen pizza because this last weekend I food prepped and it turns out everything I made sucked.  The bean soup is bland and so is the marinara sauce.  Sometimes things go like that for me. If you have followed… Continue reading My Domestically Challenged Life

The Whole Food Plant Based Journey

It has been a long, long time since I blogged. Somehow I thought I didn't need to. I've realized I need to.  Blogging keeps me accountable.  I'm not entirely sure who I need to be accountable to other than myself so maybe if nothing else it keeps me accountable to myself. I started this blog… Continue reading The Whole Food Plant Based Journey

A Little Christmas Cardiac Reality Check

  Having passed the 5 year anniversary of my heart attack on October 13 and having turned 48 in November, I was celebrating the fading of the presence of heart disease in my life. Want to know what I got for Christmas this year?  I got a little reality check that I do indeed have heart… Continue reading A Little Christmas Cardiac Reality Check

Julie’s Battle With Saying Heart Attack

I want to write tonight and tell you the story of my friendship with my heart sister Julie. In the spring of 2013, I attended the Go Red For Women luncheon put on by the American Heart Association in Kansas City.  I was sitting at a table with new volunteers and I met Julie and… Continue reading Julie’s Battle With Saying Heart Attack

Melancholy Reflections on Heart Disease

April 9 marked the one year anniversary of giving my notice to my corporate job and April 23 was the one year anniversary of my last day.  (My Decision to Leave) I have done some melancholy reflection over the last week.  I still feel somewhat sad to have left a job that I worked hard… Continue reading Melancholy Reflections on Heart Disease

I No Longer Cry–American Heart Month

Another National Wear Red Day was a huge success.  My friends never disappoint! A record number turned out in red and boy did they look fabulous!  See for yourself! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qFCOCyMBqjM I have not blogged this February.  I realized it is because I'm not sure I have anything to say about heart disease, heart attacks and… Continue reading I No Longer Cry–American Heart Month