My Domestically Challenged Life

I’m still not completely plant based — some days I struggle.  Like yesterday I ate a frozen pizza because this last weekend I food prepped and it turns out everything I made sucked.  The bean soup is bland and so is the marinara sauce.  Sometimes things go like that for me. If you have followed me for long you know I might be a wee bit domestically challenged.  I do things like burn plastic  to the top of the stove.  When I was on blood thinners I would cut myself and my kitchen looked like a crime scene.  Are you getting the picture?

I am busy with a full time corporate job, I am domestically challenged and I know plant based works for me.  The only way for me to make it work is to food prep.  This is like an out of body experience for someone who uses her smoke detector as an oven timer.  You think I kid?  My good friends tag me in this meme on Facebook every time it makes the rounds. They see it and automatically think of me. Seriously…..

It has been a challenge in patience.  I never know if a recipe really sucks. Does it really suck or did I screw up the spice math in my head when I was tripling the recipe ? I should never do math in my head so I am not sure why I feel emboldened to do it with something like cayenne pepper or turmeric.  Last week I worked from home a day because I was sick and I was making white bean chili.  I accidentally put in 2 tbs of cayenne pepper when it was supposed to be cumin. Imagine my surprise when I tasted that disaster!  Friends, that kind of hot will cure what ails you!

Why do I share? I share because it is ok to fail.  I think sometimes we feel all this pressure to live a perfect social media life.  I look at all these cooking sites and it is so perfectly presented and the authors are probably fabulous cooks.  If you are a super busy, domestically challenged person as I am, the reality is that maybe your dish doesn’t look like theirs after you make it.  Maybe it doesn’t taste like the picture makes it seem like it should taste.  And listen, it doesn’t matter if you are busy because you are a stay at home mom of a two year old and six week old and haven’t been in the shower for two days or if you are busy because you are the CEO of a multi million dollar company.  Busy is busy and this is a judgement free zone.  I am slowly getting a library of recipes together that are easy for my friends like me.  They have passed my give myself a high five because that actually doesn’t suck test.  Some days I do manage to impress myself!

I do truly believe that you can follow any nutrition plan you want.  Find one that works for you.  It doesn’t have to be plant based.  The secret to success is food prep and meal planning.  It works every time.

That is it for today. Next time I’m going to tell you why I love this article and how  relates to getting healthy!

Until next time, cheers!  Jodi

3 thoughts on “My Domestically Challenged Life”

  1. Great post👍🏻 Got a good belly laugh to start my day! I too follow a plant based diet. I love to cook and, thank heavens, don’t have to food prep since I’m home all day. I also like the challenge of finding good vegan/vegetarian recipes. I always increase the spices and garlic as I find many recipes too bland. Good luck on your journey.


  2. This post made me LOL! It happens to everyone…I hope. Ever since going plant based I’ve been trying new recipes and 8/10 it comes out pretty bad. However, I do have one go-to that I’m absolutely in love with and I’m eating leftovers for days! It’s a red lentil soup. Link if you want to try it: I can’t eat if things aren’t spicy so I add a lot of cayenne pepper, paprika, and chili powder and just taste as I go so it turns out how I like. I think a lot of cooking is less about measurements and more about customizing to what you like. You’re the only one eating it, after all! 🙂


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