The Whole Food Plant Based Journey

Untitled design (4)It has been a long, long time since I blogged. Somehow I thought I didn’t need to. I’ve realized I need to.  Blogging keeps me accountable.  I’m not entirely sure who I need to be accountable to other than myself so maybe if nothing else it keeps me accountable to myself.

I started this blog back after my heart attack in 2011.  I needed to keep people up to date on how I was doing and I needed to work through the PTSD that comes with such a life changing event.  It really worked for me for a while. I was on the right track and writing about it was key.

I tired of writing and as I stopped, I stopped being accountable to myself.  I have gained 100 pounds as I stopped being accountable.  Over the last five years, 100 lbs.  It is 20 lbs a year.  I stopped eating plant based and plunged back into my sugar addiction.  Later on we can get into what the health ramifications are but for now let’s just say that sugar  is just as addictive as cocaine.

I always wondered how people let themselves get as heavy as I am right now.  I used to think I would never let myself get that heavy.  You know the saying about karma, right?  Yeah, she’s a bitch.

So now I am back on my journey to being whole food plant based. It works for me and it is good for my cardiac health. In fact, it is the only thing that does work for me.  I am an all or nothing person.

So here we go again.  Back to plant based and back to heart health and advocacy.  I invite you to follow along on my domestically challenged kitchen adventures as I settle back in!

Until next time, cheers!  Jodi


5 thoughts on “The Whole Food Plant Based Journey”

  1. Thanks for this brave declaration, Jodi! Are you going cold turkey back to plant-based? Or little by little, gradually? What’s your new strategy?

    I’ve been on a diet basically ever since I was 13 (and a skinny bone-rack at 13, I might add!) I’ve lost (and gained back) the same 20 lbs dozens of times since then. I’m also a Lifetime Member of Weight Watchers since reaching and maintaining my goal weight in 1977 after losing 37 pounds of the baby fat I gained during my first pregnancy, but have rejoined approximately a zillion times over the years. W.W. works for me – until it doesn’t.

    This past year, I’ve had four straight months of injuries (first knee, then back) – not life-threatening, just excruciatingly painful enough to make me reach for the Haagen Dazs when it gets bad, despite my pretty-consistent no-more-sugar vow of last year. I’ve been successfully back on the wagon – until I happened to spot red licorice Twizzlers on sale last week!! I ate three pieces in the car on the way home, asking myself three different times: “Why Am I Eating This!?!?

    Thanks for this nudge. I’m ditching the Twizzlers and everything else in my cupboards/fridge that doesn’t support a heart-healthy way to feed my precious body!


    1. Hi Carolyn!

      I’d love to go cold turkey like I did last time but this time proves a little more difficult. I’m starting by just making sure everything I put in my mouth has nutritional value. I’m working on the heart health aspect vs. the weight loss aspect–bringing my BP and cholesterol down. Sugar makes them go up! I’m getting slowly better about it and my food prep helps.

      I’m so sorry to hear about your injuries! It makes it really tough. I understand drowning in Hagen Dazs for sure! I’m glad you know what works for you! I believe one of the toughest thing people face is finding the thing that works for them and shutting out all the noise from the detractors. ( I have a whole blog post about that!)

      I’ve decided to stop beating myself up for what I perceive as failures and just start working my way back!


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  2. Hi Jodi!! I’m excited to read your blog!! You got this!!

    Hello, my name is Tracey and I’m a sugar addict too!! 🤣🤣

    It’s my downfall. I can’t wait to see how you satisfy your sweet cravings. 😘😘


  3. Just ran into this post while searching for other like-minded blogs. It’s amazing what you’re doing and I just wanted to say congrats on getting back in control of your health. I can relate when you said you’d always wondered how people got to be a certain weight – and in a few years you see yourself in that position and wonder at what point you let it get out of hand. Well, it’s never too late and I hope that your new lifestyle is working for you and you’re thriving on it! 🙂


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