The Wait

I went to the hospital on Thursday to have my nuclear medicine stress test and echo.  It makes me feel like I will permanently glow in the dark when I see this on the door where I am having an IV placed:


Seriously, not a warm and fuzzy feeling!

I was surprised with the ease I was able to hit the time, speed and target heart rate that they wanted me to hit.  This chest pain feels exactly like the chest pain I had the first time my stents failed so I half expected them to wheel me right to the OR, crack my chest open and bypass the five stents already in my LAD.  I was happy when they sent me home!

Once I left the hospital, the wait began.  I am waiting to hear the results.  The last time, they called me the next day and scheduled me to come back to the hospital to go back to the cath lab.  I have passed the next day mark, so I am hoping for something different.  Right now I have tried to convince myself that no news is good news but the truth is that the waiting is driving me crazy.

I did manage to take my mind off the wait yesterday when I attended the American Heart Association Kansas City Go Red For Women Luncheon.  Kansas City turned out and helped us raise $775,000 for education and research.  It was nice to be there because I was with my heart sisters who get what it is like to wait for results. We had a great day!

Pictures4 Pictures3 Pictures2 Pictures1Pictures  IMG_20150417_171408_rewindI was super excited to meet Nancy Brown who is the CEO of The American Heart and American Stroke Association.  It was such an honor to have her in Kansas City yesterday!

This weekend, the excruciating wait continues.  I try to keep myself busy and try to keep my mind off of the myriad of things that could be causing chest pain and the outcomes of those.  I know I shouldn’t do that but I simply can’t help myself.  I will drive myself crazy with it until I hear!

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